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text: 22 Sep, Comics: The Early Forecast for the September 22nd Buy Pile

Okay.  Let’s start with the good news: two jumps, one from divine realms rendered unto the mundane, and another offering a reward to the Kobe Bryant of comics delivering an issue as full of plot and development as it is with shock value and gratuitous violence.  

Time clocks ticked down without getting it done despite not stinking up the place, while my prediction for worst book of the week was probably right, even though Marc Spector and Kara Zor-El also stunk up the place, let alone that madness with a map of the future.  Richard Starkings’ little baby came in with some surprises and was one of the closest issues to not making it but … well, if you want more, you’ll have to check the reviews Thursday afternoon.  

Oh, comic shop dialogue was very high brow as a man named Chandler posited that China can never collect its debt from the US and that the imperial lust and determination of the country could overcome any threat, domestic or international.  Many people tried to present realities of global economics to him, but he wasn’t hearing it like the “A” on his head didn’t stand for “France.”  

Enjoy, see you tomorrow.